5 Gardening Trends to Inspire Your Landscape in 2024, According to a New Report

From container to night gardens, expect to see these core gardening trends everywhere next year.

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Just as there are interior décor, paint color, and fashion trends, there are also trends that dominate in the garden. If you've been wanting to give your landscape an update, looking at current gardening movements may help you find inspiration for your own space. To help, Garden Media just released its 2024 garden trends report, and there are five themes that are expected to be big next year.


Cushion moss in terrarium


Expect to see bold and bright colors in 2024 with gardens that look straight out of a science fiction movie. Coined "hortifuturism" by Garden Media, the trend replaces cold, metallic hues with vibrant color. With this trend, the brand anticipates more terrariums, survivalist gardens, night gardens, neon-colored plants, and foliage with bright variegation.

Delight in the Dark

Black tulips

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Gardeners that never shy away from a moody aesthetic will delight in this trend. With interest in gothic gardens growing on social media, this trend leans into Gen Z's fixation with dramatic landscapes. You can replicate this movement in your own landscape with eerie plants or pottery and statuary. "Think of evening experiences such as uplighting trees. Leave plants a bit untidy. Withered plants and faded blooms add to the theme. Utilize dying plants for merchandising instead of marking down or trashing," Garden Media says in the report.

Bugging Out

Milkweed with monarch butterfly

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Expect to see an interest in essential pollinators like bees and butterflies come 2024. According to Garden Media, these insects have even become popular interior décor motifs, such as on pillows, rugs, lamps, and wallpaper. "The growing intrigue and awareness of insects helps boost an interest in the plants that feed them," says Shubber Ali, CEO of Garden for Wildlife.  Experiment with this trend by growing pollinator plants, like bee balm, asters, and goldenrod.

Hanging in There

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As more people begin living in urban areas, container gardening has become more popular than ever. In fact, the report states that there was a 200 percent increase in households that engaged in container gardening last year. One way this trend can be applied to your own garden is by maximizing vertical space with hanging and trailing plants.

Nature Calls

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According to the report, concern for the environment defined almost every exhibit at the 2023 Chelsea Flower Show and many exhibits were focused on sustainable and efficient community gardens. An interest in sustainability efforts is expected to yield less curated gardens that are filled with native and carbon capturing plants in 2024.

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