13 Clever Ways to Display Your Halloween Candy for Trick-or-Treaters

Kids trick or treating on Halloween
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When the witches, werewolves, and warlocks reach to grab a piece of the best candy offered on your side of the block, you'll want them to be just as enchanted by the trick that comes with the treats. No one will suspect your motives are less than sweet.

Our best Halloween candy display ideas will both scare and delight those little costumed trick-or-treaters and their parents. Upon approach, your indoor decorations or outdoor decorations—with autumnal wreaths, carved pumpkins, and hauntingly beautiful floral arrangements—are all a big part of your seasonal setup. Still, it's easy to say that candy is the ruler of the day. Kids and adults alike seek to collect hordes of sweets that'll satisfy that annual hankering. And because it is the ultimate treat, why not put it on the pedestal it deserves?

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Mini Haunted House

haunted house with candy on the front porch
Ashley Poskin

If you live on a sleepy street—or in a neighborhood that doesn't see a ton of foot traffic from trick-or-treaters—you can really lean into the aesthetics of your setup (and not worry so much about supplying sweets to a major crowd). This miniature haunted house has all the spooky elements a life-sized iteration would—climbing ivy and all. Winged paper bats, studded with chocolates, make for a fun grab-and-go experience for the kids.

And if you do draw a horde come Halloween? Recreate this station and set an extra bowl of candy nearby, so everyone's satisfied when the bats run out.

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Scary "Gotcha!" Halloween Candy Bowl Prank

Halloween candy hand prank for trick-or-treaters
Chelsea Cavanaugh

To cement your reputation as the scariest house in the neighborhood, assemble our patented "nobody's home" fake-out: Chalk the details of a door on black kraft paper and tape it to your real door's interior frame. Cut a hole in the middle that's just big enough to fit your arm (covered in mummy tape or a werewolf paw), and place candy below. It'll look like a mere prop—until it playfully slaps or grabs the fingers of anyone sneaking an extra treat.

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Trick-or-Treating Treasure Chest

Halloween Treasure Chest
Aaron Dyer

If you want to take the kids out trick-or-treating without jilting the rest of the neighborhood, leave a candy bounty on your porch. Fill a chest to three inches from the top with pillows, then pile on the Rolos, chocolate coins, and other foil-wrapped goodies. Top it off with beads, plastic skulls, and other spoils from the high seas.

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Treat Log

halloween treat log with fake bugs and snakes
The Morrisons

To serve shivers with your sugar, put candy in a hollow "log" that trick- or-treaters have to stick their whole arm into. There are lots of wood-covered containers out there, from vases to umbrella holders, so this slithering scene is easy to pull off. For the top, cover a piece of foam board with wood-veneer paper and cut a hole in the middle. Empty a bag of moss around the bottom, and add some creepy crawlers. Then issue a playful warning: This bark may bite.

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Haunted Mirror

Black Calla Lilies floral arrangement
Addie Juell

Step inside, and take a closer look at the darkened, murky glass. This one shows way more than just your reflection. It's a pair of spectral hands! Spooky right? Even spookier that they seem to reach out coincidentally when your trick-or-treaters reach for the candy bowl.

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Pirate Ship Pumpkin

pirate ship pumpkin
Janelle Jones

Maritime legend has it that the Flying Dutchman is a fearsome ghost ship, which never returns to safe harbor and is doomed to sail the seven seas forever. In our version, it serves as a haunting addition to your front door decor and doubles as a server of treats—mainly pearly white gumballs and candy gold doubloons.

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Scary Bird's Nest Candy Dish

Scary bird's nest candy dish for Halloween

Others might see birds as friends and toss them crusts of bread, but you see them in a more sinister, Hitchcockian light. Why not disarm the foul fowls by turning some of them (and their nest) into a frightful candy holder for Halloween? Our bird's nest is constructed with grapevine wreaths and filled with Spanish moss, tea-dyed eggshells, and birdseed-like sesame candy. Just as a tea bath can make paper look antique, it can make eggs look brown, old, and creepily rotten. The birds themselves are faux pheasants, with heads painted an ominous black.

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Candy Artifact Display


Tempt your guests with an array of candies masquerading as botanical or nautical artifacts. Fill large glass jars with sweets, and then mark each jar with a label that sounds convincing—the meringues are "jellyfish skeletons"—while being completely made up. Create your own cabinet by arranging the jars in wooden cubbies; we painted these a deep slate gray.

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Candy Jars

halloween candy jars on white table
Johnny Miller

A selection of sunny sweets is even more tempting when displayed in glass containers. Cheerful labels announce the jars' contents: "Pretty Little Pumpkins," "Good Witch Gumballs," and "Tantalizing Treats" (guaranteed to deliver sweetness). Photocopy templates onto self-adhesive paper, cut out, and affix each one to the jar's front. Encourage guests to help themselves to candies in shades of orange and white—swirly sticks, giant gumballs, squishy jelly pumpkins, yogurt-covered pretzels, and more.

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Pop! Goes the Pumpkin Game

Johnny Miller

A classic carnival game becomes an explosion of fun as this Halloween party game. Fill balloons with confetti and candy for little ghouls and ghosts to pop and find the treats hidden inside.

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Halloween Candy Bowl Pumpkin

stencil pumpkin
Andrew Ingalls

This decorating idea has no tricks—just treats. Entice your visting ghouls and goblins (of all ages) to grab a handful of sweets from this carved candy display. To start, use a craft knife to carefully cut a hole approximately 4 1/2 inches in diameter toward the top center half of the craft pumpkin. Paint the outer surface of the pumpkin (ours was done in black), and the edges of the opening in another color (ours was purple); let completely dry. To stencil the pumpkin, cut apart the silkscreen stencil letters to spell out your message, adhere silkscreens to the pumpkin's surface, framing the hole, and pounce gray paint over the stencil. (Tip: Blot pouncer onto a paper towel before paint application.) You can paint and stencil an additional Halloween pumpkin to pair with your candy bowl.

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Grab-and-Take Goody Bags

halloween goody bags pinned to pumpkin
Gentl and Hyers

Set out a pumpkin covered with goody bags, and kids can help themselves. Decorate small, plain, flat paper bags with rubber-stamped designs; fill with treats; and attach to a pumpkin with thumbtacks. Then leave a note inviting kids to take one. (Be sure that the tacks are pushed in firmly so they don't come out when little hands tug down on the bags.)

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Levitating Table of Treats

woman in witch costume next to levitating table
Victor Schrager

Trick or treat? This witch appears to have both at her disposal. Ghouls in her good graces can help themselves from an urn of candies. But get a little cheeky and the treats won't be the only thing to go flying. In reality, this photograph involves no trick at all—the illusion is entirely physical. To make a table and its treats levitate, first, buy a round table kit and a large cardboard tube (available at home centers). Spray-paint the tube black to make it less visible. Cut the tube on an angle at the top to the desired height for your table. Nail three 1-by-1-inch blocks of wood to underside of tabletop, spaced to fit just inside the tube, to hold it in place; anchor the tube's bottom with sandbags, and then place tabletop. For a candy chain, enlarge the template to desired size, and trace onto .005-millimeter-thick clear acetate; cut out. Hot-glue candy onto acetate; adhere one end to the inside of an urn and attach other end to ceiling with filament and a screw eye.

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