From Pumpkins to Skeletons, These Are the Most Popular Halloween Decorations in Each State

Are your favorite thematic details on the list?

October is officially here, which means that families across the country are setting up their Halloween decorations. In fact, according to a new study conducted by Lombardo Homes, 41 percent of Americans will begin the Halloween decorating process this very week. So, what is everyone is setting up outside? That all depends on where the ghost and goblin enthusiasts live across the United States, as the most popular types of décor can vary widely. Survey conductors researched over 1,000 pieces of Halloween decorations in search terms on Google and asked 1,000 homeowners about their favorite seasonal details.

Overall, 61 percent of people like spooky decorations, 32 percent prefer fun, and seven percent choose gory pieces each year. In the most popular state-by-state breakdown, Alabama, Delaware, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia all picked pumpkins as their decoration of choice. Alaska, Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming all enjoy decking out their homes with witches. West coast states, such as California, Nevada, and Idaho, all wanted bats as their Halloween décor.

pumpkin electric light string against the window for a Halloween theme
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Other popular picks included skeletons, with states like Oregon, Colorado, Utah, Missouri, and Ohio, enjoying that decoration type the most. In the midwest, states including Iowa, Indiana, and Wisconsin went for corn stalks. Other states chose more specific pieces of decorations. Arizona was the only to choose the grim reaper, Pennsylvania selected the Headless Horseman, Oklahoma liked mummies, and New Mexico opted for spiders.

Aside from the type of Halloween decorations, people nationwide invest in the holiday in other ways, too. Per the poll, 82 percent of homeowners plan to decorate for the spine-chilling season this year, and two in three of them always put up festive pieces around their homes for the holiday. Out of all homeowners, 67 percent say take part in decorating the inside of their homes, 61 percent decorate the outside, and 54 percent decide to make them both a Halloween-centric affair.

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