Palak Paneer Recipe in Zero Oil

Traditional Punjabi Palak Paneer Recipe with not a drop of Oil

Palak Paneer Recipe in Zero Oil

Palak Paneer is an traditional Indian Gravy Recipe originating from the Indian Sub continent of Punjab. It is a combination of onion-tomato gravy mixed with pureed spinach to form a thick Green Gravy topped with chunks of cottage cheese. As delicious as it sounds, Palak paneer is rich in Iron and protein.

One Serving (150gms or one katori) of Palak Paneer contains :

159 Calories
7gms Protein
12gms Fats
6gms Carbs
3gms Fiber

Thus, making it an delicious alternative for weight watchers as well.
Palak paneer compliments well with Hot Fulka or Stuffed/Plain Parotha.
Here, presenting you the Zero Oil version of this recipe.


Ingredients :: 

For blanching:
1 bunch of Spinach leaves
2 inch ginger piece crushed or grated
7-8 garlic cloves crushed or grated
2 green chillis each cut into 3-4 pieces

For Gravy:
1 medium sized onion chopped finely
1 medium sized tomato chopped finely
salt to taste
1tsp red chilly powder
200 gms cottage cheese chunked

Dry Roast:
2 bay leaves
3 inch long cinnamon stick
1tsp cumin seeds

Recipe :

1. Clean Spinach leaves and cut the roots. Wash in water 2-3 times to remove mud from the leaves.
2. Fill a deep pot half with water, add pinch of salt and sugar. Add spinach leaves, cut chillis, crushed ginger and garlic to it.
3. Take a boil then switch of the gas, cover and keep for 5 mins. Strain the water and run the blanched leaves under cold water. Cool completely and make puree.
4. Now in a pan or kadhai add dry roasted cumin seeds, bay leaves and cinnamon sticks.
5. Add chopped onion roast till it turns light brown, add chopped tomato and roast till the raw smell is gone and the gravy comes together.
6. Season with salt and chilly powder at this step to prevent the gravy from burning.
7. Add pureed spinach and mix well. Add water if required till you get the desired thick consistency.
8. Chop the cottage cheese into chunks. It can be added directly to the gravy like this else you can lightly toast them on griddle or tawa and add to the gravy.
9. Serve hot with fulka or parotha.