Sweet Coconut Center filled Sabudana Wade in Zero Oil

Sweet Coconut Center filled Sabudana Wade in No Oil.

Zero Oil Recipe of Sabudana Wade center filled with sweet coconut stuffing.

Sabudana or as it is called as Tapioca Sago is a produce, prepared purely from Tapioca Root (“cassava”). According to Ayurveda, it is believed that sago porridge can be effective to treat excess bile as it provides cooling effect to maintain body’s heat. Sabudana is not grown, instead starch is extracted from sago palm stems or cassava plant. The roots of these plants are crushed and the juice is then made into paste. Thus, its a light snack, quick energy booster as it contains pure starch and carbohydrates. In fact, after a day long fast, consumption of sabudana in any form whether soups, khichdi, kheer or smoothies results in easy digestion.

Here, is the traditional sabudana wada recipe with a twist to tantalize your taste buds.






Ingredients :: 

For Sabudana Wada :

1 cup sabudana overnight soaked in water
1/2 cup roasted peanut powder (fine)
1/2 spoon red chilly powder
2 chopped green chillies
2 spoon chopped corriander
salt to taste

For the Coconut Filling :

1/2 cup coconut (fresh or dessicated)
2 spoons raisins
2 spoons sugar
pinch of cardamom powder

Recipe :

1. In a bowl mix sabudana, peanut powder, green chillies, corriander, red chilly powder and salt. Mix well to form a dough.
2. In a pan add coconut and dry roast for a few minutes till it turns golden. Add sugar, raisins, cardamom powder and mix well.
3. Make small balls of sabudana dough, make a perforation and stuff 1 spoon of coconut filling. Close the edges and roll into a smooth ball.
4. In a appe pan, add the sabudana balls and cover and cook on low flame. Keep changing the sides so that it gets cooked from both sides evenly.
5. Serve Hot with green chutney or curd.

Tips :

1. Always remember to cook on low flame when not using oil. The cooking procedure may be a little slow but the end results are the same.
2. You can add 2 spoons water or milk to the coconut stuffing to avoid it from becoming very dry. You can also add nuts to it.
3. Make the balls little smaller than the size of your appe pan, so that its cooked evenly from both sides.