Smoked Pepper Rice in Zero Oil

Mouthwatering Recipe of Smoked Rice with pepper using No Oil

Zero Oil Smoked Rice with Peppers Recipe

A wonderful blend of peppers and rice with a hint of smokyness makes this Rice a mouthwatering dish. Made with easily available ingredients, this rice recipe requires a chunk of wood coal to give the smoky taste to it. It is one of the Signature Dishes of Zero Oil Cooking.

One Serving (175gms or one katori) of Smoked Rice with pepper contains :

322 Calorie
10gms Protein
10gms Fat
51gms Carbs
7gms Fiber

An healthier alternative to this can be made using Brown Rice.
Smoked Pepper Rice can be accompanied with Hot Soup and Saute Veg.
Here, presenting you the Zero Oil version of this recipe.


Ingredients :: 

1 cup Rice washed
1 small Green capsicum chopped
1 small Red Bell Pepper chopped
1 small Yellow Bell Pepper chopped
1 tbsp freshly grounded black pepper
Half chopped cheese cubes into small pcs (Optional)
salt according to taste
one chunk of wood coal
1 spoon butter or ghee

Recipe :

1. Cook Rice and cool completely.
2. In a pan add 3 color peppers and saute.
3. Add salt and black pepper and mix well. Add rice and mix well again.
4. Make a hole in between the rice and put a small katori with hot coal. Pour a spoon of ghee and cover tightly. Let the smoke soak in the rice. Add chopped cheese cubes.
5. Serve hot.