Sugarfree Cardamom Sandesh in Zero Oil

Mouthwatering Recipe of Sugarfree Elaichi Sandesh using No Oil

Zero Oil Cardamom Sugarfree Sandesh Recipe

Sandesh is an authentic bengali dessert made from crumbled cottage cheese or chhena blended with sugar and can be made in different flavours like : elaichi, kesar, pista, chocolate, rose, vanilla, anjeer etc. Sandesh has low fat and low carbs, and even more healthier when made with sugarfree, so it is an healthier option for your sweet tooth.

An healthier alternative to this can be made using jaggery in place of sugar.
Here, presenting you the Zero Oil version of this recipe.


Ingredients :: 

500ml milk
1 lemon juice or 20ml white vinegar
2tsp sugarfree
1tbsp elaichi powder
few cardamom pods and chopped pista for decoratino

Recipe :

1. Boil milk in a deep pan, add lemon juice or vinegar and curdle it.
2. Once curdled take one boil and separate the whey from water. Let the whey become completely dry.
3. Add the whey and sugarfree in a pan and mix well till the dough comes together.
4. Add cardamom powder and mix well. Let it cool completely.
5. Make small balls and flatten them. Decorate with cardamom pods and chopped pista and serve chilled.