Mint & Raw Mango Chutney in Zero Oil

Mint & Raw Mango Chutney (Dip) in zero oil

Zero Oil Recipe of Pudina-Kari Chutney

Raw Mago / Green Mango or Kairi is a greener version of mangoes. Raw mango is an aromatic fruit which is liked by al for its tart flavour. The colour varies in shades of greens and the inner flesh is white in colour. Depending on the size, it has 1 to 2 seeds.

Mint or as it is alternatively called Mentha or Pudina /Podina has many health benefits. It is a herb that is synonymous to freshness. Apart from cooling it helps in digestion, relieves cough and cold, fights oral infections and is also beats morning sickness in pregnant women. Mint leaf is also a strong property for skin care and pimples.

Mint and Raw Mango Together make a flavoursome recipe, tangy yet fresh. Feels like summer in a bowl. Here is a tantalizing recipe of Mint & Raw Mango Dip or chutney made in no oil.


Ingredients :: 

1 cup washed and chopped mint leaves
1/2 cup washed and chopped corriandar
1 raw mango peeled and chopped (remove the seed)
1 green chilly
2-3 garlic cloves
1/2 jaggery or brown sugar
salt to taste

Recipe :

1. In a blender mix everything apart from jaggery and salt and make a fine paste
2. Take the mixture in a bowl and add jaggery and salt and mix well. It is ready to serve now.
3. Tastes best when chilled.

Tips :

1. Also try adding a spoonful of this chutney to a glass of chilled water to make summer coolers.