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Who We Are

At MarthaStewart.com, we embrace our founder's curious, innovative, and boundary-breaking spirit and infuse it into all of our content and platforms. It's our mission to teach and inspire you to design the life you want. We believe the joy is in the doing. On MarthaStewart.com, you'll find tested-until-perfected recipes, DIY projects, gardening ideas, easy entertaining tips, beauty advice, and wedding inspiration. We'll also help you celebrate the holidays, keep you informed on health news, and encourage you to refresh your home with design advice and cleaning tips.

Our founder, Martha Stewart, is an entrepreneur, a best-selling author of 99 (to date) lifestyle books, an Emmy Award–winning television show host, and a creator of the first multi-channel lifestyle company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. She's been a household name for over four decades, beginning in 1982 with the release of Entertaining by Martha Stewart. The success of that first book ultimately led to the creation of Martha Stewart Living in 1990. She went on to create additional magazines, including Martha Stewart Weddings in 1995, and launch a successful merchandising business with products for the home sold at multiple retail and online outlets. Today, she works with her talented staff to provide trusted, timely and useful information to help make all aspects of everyday living a little easier, more beautiful, and more inspiring for her readers.

Meet the Editorial Team

Our editorial team is comprised of experts in various fields including food and entertaining, home, gardening, beauty, weddings, and more. All of our editors have worked at various publications and media outlets.

Allie Giordano

Allie Giordano

General Manager

Allie Giordano is the General Manager of Martha Stewart, Daily Paws, and The Spruce Pets at Dotdash Meredith where she is responsible for brand performance and business strategy. Allie has spent most of her career in advertising, focusing on managing and training sales support teams and building strategic partnerships with agency and brand clients.

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Jennifer Davidson, Editorial Director at MarthaStewart.com

Jennifer Davidson

Senior Editorial Director

The senior editorial director at MarthaStewart.com since 2022, Jennifer is a seasoned editor with over 20 years of experience writing and editing home, food, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content across multiple platforms, including digital and television. Prior to joining Team Martha, she was the associate editorial director at RealSimple.com, and editor-in-chief of TotalBeauty.com and theFashionSpot.com.

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Sarah Schreiber, Associate Editorial Director for MarthaStewart.com

Sarah Schreiber

Associate Editorial Director

Sarah Schreiber has been writing, editing, and producing lifestyle and weddings content for over seven years. In that time, she has interviewed and worked with hundreds of leading experts to become an authority on all things homekeeping, flower arranging, home design, and wedding planning. In her current role as associate editorial director, Sarah oversees all Martha Stewart content from ideation to execution.

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maggie andrews

Maggie Andrew

Associate Director of Social Media

Maggie Andrew is the Associate Director of Social Media at Martha Stewart with nearly a decade of editorial experience. She has managed accounts with a combined 20 million+ social followers, including People Magazine, Yahoo Entertainment + Lifestyle, Team USA, and the LX Collection. 

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Victoria Spencer, senior food editor, MarthaStewart.com

Victoria Spencer

Senior Food Editor

As Senior Digital Food Editor for MarthaStewart.com, Victoria oversees all food, cooking, and holiday entertaining content. She manages the Martha Stewart recipe archive and is always curious about new ingredients and the best techniques. She has been working in food media for over 20 years.

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alexandra kelly, senior home editor at martha stewart

Alexandra Kelly

Senior Home Editor

Alex is the senior home editor for Martha Stewart. She has over 10 years of experience producing digital content in the home and lifestyle space, ranging from cleaning and organizing to etiquette and home design. 

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Madeline Buiano, Staff Writer for Martha Stewart

Madeline Buiano

Associate Editor

In her current role as associate editor, Madeline researches and writes a range of content across verticals. She spends most of her time focusing on gardening, cleaning, and pet content, and enjoys diving deep into these topics to produce quality content for readers. She also contributes to news by ideating, pitching, and writing timely content.

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Editorial Guidelines

Our editors and writers constantly seek out what's new and exciting in the worlds of food, home design, gardening, crafts, pets, health, wellness, beauty, weddings, and more. Our editorial staff takes great pride in our work and strives to create original, authoritative, and well-researched content free of ethical concerns, conflicts, and misinformation. If you see something that doesn't seem up to date or accurate, please contact us at marthaeditors@dotdashmdp.com.

We uphold the principles of the Dotdash Meredith Content Integrity Promise including the following editorial policies:

Fact Checking

As part of the editorial process, our writers interview relevant, qualified sources for stories, then verify all information and data included in their final stories. We strive to provide proper context and background information to help our readers. All stories are then reviewed and edited by at least two editors; we assess content for grammar, accuracy, readability, and relevance.

All recipes created for and featured on MarthaStewart.com are tested until perfected by our food editors and test kitchen for accuracy and clarity. If you have noticed an issue with a specific piece of content, please bring it to our attention at marthaeditors@dotdashmdp.com.


Our editorial team is committed to producing high quality, factual content. If there is a factual error in a story, we will correct it as soon as possible. All corrections will be clearly labeled as such and will include what changes were made and when. When an article is factually correct but the language is not as clear or detailed as necessary, the story may be updated without an editor's note.

Timely news stories generally cover a distinct event in time, so they are not routinely updated. Our editorial team consistently reevaluates and updates evergreen content to ensure it is timely, accurate, and relevant. The date-stamp at the top of each article reflects when it was last updated.

If you believe you have found an error, please notify us at marthaeditors@dotdashmdp.com.


Our editorial staff adheres to strict standards for sourcing information. We rely on current and reputable primary sources, such as expert interviews, government organizations, and professional and academic institutions. All data points, facts, and claims are backed up by at least one reputable source. A cornerstone of our reporting and sourcing is to consider often overlooked perspectives from BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and women. Our content strives to serve all communities.

Independence and Impartiality

MarthaStewart.com believes in independent, fair, and impartial journalism. Our editors and writers are held accountable to a high standard of honesty and transparency, and our original editorial content is not influenced by our advertisers. As such, we maintain a strict separation between advertising and editorial content. We use a "Sponsored Content" label to make it clear that a story is provided by or on behalf of an advertiser or sponsor.

Dotdash Meredith editors and writers, including the MarthaStewart.com team, are prohibited from giving preferential treatment to any outside company, publication, or website based on their relationship with the person who authors or owns that resource. Our editors and writers are also responsible for disclosing potential conflicts of interest that might compromise their ability to share fair and impartial information. Naturally, Martha Stewart has an economic interest in Martha Stewart branded products. If a connection between Martha Stewart and one of her branded or endorsed products is not obvious, we will disclose the relationship or connection in the content.

Product Reviews

All product reviews on MarthaStewart.com are independent and based on research and/or product testing conducted by our editors and writers. We share the products we love and that we think you, our readers, will love, too. If you visit certain links within our content, we may receive commissions from your purchases. We never receive compensation for recommending products within our content.


We strive to create original, helpful, and fair content on MarthaStewart.com, which means our stories must be verified, properly attributed, and may not infringe the copyright or anyone's intellectual property rights. Any suggestion of plagiarism is investigated fully and is grounds for dismissal. We expect all contributors on the network to abide by all applicable laws, standards, and accepted journalistic practices including:

At MarthaStewart.com, we aspire to provide the highest quality content produced by humans, for humans. It is against our guidelines to publish automatically generated content using AI (artificial intelligence) writing tools such as ChatGPT.

Diversity Pledge

The Martha Stewart brand believes that every human being deserves respect, representation, and opportunity. We are committed to amplifying BIPOC and LGBTQ+ voices, both in terms of our writers and sources, imagery, and the photographers, stylists, and freelancers we hire to work on our content. View our Diversity Pledge in its entirety.

Leadership/Ownership Structure and Funding

MarthaStewart.com and its related interactive properties are operated and managed by Dotdash Meredith, the largest digital and print publisher in America and an operating business of IAC. Dotdash Meredith manages and operates the Martha Stewart interactive properties pursuant to a Licensing Agreement between Dotdash Meredith and Marquee Brands. Marquee Brands is a leading global brand owner and marketer, owned by investor funds managed by Neuberger Berman, one of the world's leading employee-owned investment managers. Marquee Brands acquired the Martha Stewart brand in 2019.

Dotdash Meredith is the largest digital and print publisher in America. From mobile to magazines, nearly 200 million people trust us to help them make decisions, take action, and find inspiration. Dotdash Meredith includes PEOPLE, Better Homes & Gardens, Verywell, FOOD & WINE, The Spruce, Allrecipes, Byrdie, REAL SIMPLE, Investopedia, Southern Living, and over 40 more iconic brands.

Meet Our Senior Management Team

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