A New Study Ranks the 10 Most Popular Paint Colors in the U.S.—and Americans Really Love Their Neutrals

Plus, find out the most popular paint color in your state.

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If you follow paint color trends, you'd be hard-pressed to believe that anything other than bold and bright colors are what Americans are using to update their homes (like Valspar's 2024 Color of the Year, Renew Blue, or Behr's 2024 Color of the Year, Cracked Pepper).

But according to a new study from All Star Home, the most popular paint colors in the United States tend to skew a little more neutral, with grays, whites, and beiges topping the list. Neutral colors generally offer homeowners a clean, blank slate to build around while also complementing most decor styles.

All Star Home analyzed Google Trends and asked more than 1,000 people about their paint preferences to figure out the most popular paint colors. The company also sought to understand when homeowners decide to DIY a paint project versus asking a professional to handle it.

The Top 10 Most Popular Paint Colors

  1. Sherwin Williams Swizzle Gray
  2. Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue
  3. Sherwin Williams Alabaster
  4. Benjamin Moore Distant Gray
  5. Benjamin Moore Capitol White
  6. Sherwin Williams Web Gray
  7. Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray
  8. Benjamin Moore American White
  9. Sherwin Williams Snowbound
  10. Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist

The most popular paint color—Sherwin Williams' Swizzle Gray—is described as dark, rugged, and brooding. While still a neutral, it makes for a dramatic statement if used as an interior paint. Surprisingly, one non-neutral color made the top 10 list: Benjamin Moore's Palladian Blue. This muted blue color is described as calm, soft, and airy.

The Most Popular Paint Color in Every State

Map of popular paint colors in the U.S.

All Star Home

In addition to the top 10 paint colors in the U.S., All Star Home was able to identify the most popular paint color in each state. On a state-by-state level, we see more browns, greens, and blues join the list.

  1. Alabama: Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray
  2. Alaska: Benjamin Moore Hale Navy
  3. Arizona: Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray
  4. Arkansas: Sherwin Williams Wool Skein
  5. California: Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee
  6. Colorado: Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze
  7. Connecticut: Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter
  8. Delaware: Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue
  9. Florida: Sherwin Williams Alabaster
  10. Georgia: Sherwin Williams Iron Ore
  11. Hawaii: Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray
  12. Idaho: Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze
  13. Illinois: Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter
  14. Indiana: Sherwin Williams Repose Gray
  15. Iowa: Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog
  16. Kansas: Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray
  17. Kentucky: Sherwin Williams Naval
  18. Louisiana: Sherwin Williams Greek Villa
  19. Maine: Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue
  20. Maryland: Sherwin Williams Rainwashed
  21. Massachusettes: Benjamin Moore Gray Owl
  22. Michigan: Sherwin Williams Alabaster
  23. Minnesota: Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige
  24. Mississippi: Benjamin Moore Black Forest Green
  25. Missouri: Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black
  26. Montana: Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray
  27. Nebraska: Sherwin Williams Anew Gray
  28. Nevada: Sherwin Williams Iron Ore
  29. New Hampshire: Benjamin Moore Newburyport Blue
  30. New Jersey: Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace
  31. New Mexico: Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray
  32. New York: Benjamin Moore Decorators White
  33. North Carolina: Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray
  34. North Dakota: Benjamin Moore White Christmas
  35. Ohio: Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog
  36. Oklahoma: Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze
  37. Oregon: Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray
  38. Pennsylvania: Sherwin Williams Rainwashed
  39. Rhode Island: Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray
  40. South Carolina: Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray
  41. South Dakota: Sherwin Williams Drift of Mist
  42. Tennessee: Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog
  43. Texas: Sherwin Williams Iron Ore
  44. Utah: Benjamin Moore: Swiss Coffee
  45. Vermont: Benjamin Moore Hale Navy
  46. Virginia: Sherwin Williams City Loft
  47. Washington: Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze
  48. West Virginia: Sherwin Williams Drift of Mist
  49. Wisconsin: Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige
  50. Wyoming: Sherwin Williams Drift of Mist

The study also found that 74 percent of Americans find picking a paint color particularly challenging. Luckily, these popular paint colors offer a heavy dose of inspiration for any home painting project.

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